Bad Decisions – The missing ingredient? Experience – Part 1

So there I am, cruising along, feeling the wind whip past me on the open road. I rather deftly pull into the servo, turn off the ignition, dismount and commence filling up the bike. Living the dream! I finish refuelling and go in to pay the cashier. In those days, bike riders didn’t have to remove their helmets. I pay for the fuel (all $5) and walk back to my mighty red steed. I mount the beast, turn on the ignition, turn out the kickstarter and kick down as ‘Born to be Wild’ echoes in my mind… The engine roars into life… and in a split second the bike leaps out from under me!

Backstory – You have to come from somewhere… to know where you are going

I’m 12 years old. It’s my last day of primary school and my best friend asks me to start walking home with him. He suggests that we cut through the school grounds. We turn into a laneway and I notice two school bullies about five metres away from us in the laneway. I look at my best friend. He looks away and then takes about three steps back. In my peripheral vision, I can see another boy coming in from behind. A cold shiver rushes over me.

A change of direction…sort of

By far the biggest change I have has seen is in leadership and culture. Individuals and organisation alike have been in the constant daze of cultural and leadership metamorphosis but it is still the one thing that lies at the heart of us all. It’s the ethos, the spirit, the vibe that keeps us together.

Planning with ALARA

Had an very enjoyable time yesterday working with senior staff and the ALARA Board on their new Strategic Plan. Some great work came out the day with lively and passionate discussions. ALARA is an incredibly passionate organisation that exist to support the lives of clients with a disability and those seeking aged care to enjoy all the opportunities that life has to offer. #alara, #collegiality, #ipswichmc, @shanemallory