Your Speaking Coach

TAFE MCYou’ve got that big presentation to do. The local chamber of commerce has asked you to present on your business. You freeze with fear OR you know what you need to say but you struggle with knowing how to say it.

This where Shane can help. As a professional speaker himself, along with being a seasoned actor/performer who just happens to be qualified in drama and performance, he can take your presentation from good to absolutely freakin’ awesome!

Your Facilitator

With over 25 years in adult education and facilitation, Shane is the go-to person for all your facilitation needs.

From Strategic Planning Workshops to Team Building days and everything in between, Shane will provide your organisation with the platform to think outside the square/box/container/skip, etc.

As an engaging speaker and a guy who considers humour important to any learning environment, he will make your development opportunities ones to remember, for all the right reasons.