Shane Mallory - Barney Cashman - Last of the Red Hot Lovers - Corporate Performer

As a performer/presenter, I provide audiences with carefully crafted entertainment and comedy.

I will work closely with you to find the right type of performance you are looking for, whether it be for gala dinners, awards nights, industry events, corporate dinners, seminars, conferences or festivals for public and private events. Large or small, I know that every event and audience is unique and calls for a specific communication style and delivery. I get to know your business and event. I always start with a brief to identify the key elements such as:

  • Audience Demographics
  • Event info including:
    • type
    • theme and style
    • venue and set up
    • schedule
  • Your internal/external event message

Shane Mallory - Queer Eye for the Straight Guy- Corporate PerformerI will skilfully incorporate information about your organisation, industry and audience into my performance to effectively communicate your brand message. Emotional engagement is the key to delivering a successful event. I can really create a connection with your audience with a laugh or two along the way!

I’m committed to performance excellence every time I step onto a stage. Achieving this through serious attention to detail, dedication to planning and communication, working with I will provide a seamless experience for you.

Role-playing for Corporate Training

I’m also available to lend my acting skills to corporate training exercises. If your organisation is in need of someone to role-play be it through structured or improvisational scenarios, I can provide the level of realism required in these settings.


A Promo of a recent production of mine – Fully Committed.