If you’re frozen with fear before speaking, you need to let it go.

When the panic sets in before you are about to speak and you feel yourself not being able to cope, and let’s face it we have all been there. Anyone who tells you that they haven’t are sociopathic narcissists.

I have no scientific evidence to back that up, but because sociopaths don’t display emotion they couldn’t be anxious or nervous. It is natural to be anxious and nervous before talking to a group of people or even worse to a group of your peers. Anxiety is a normal emotion.

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Whenever I get like this I do two things.

  1. I breathe. On purpose… 😉 and with a 2, 4, 6, 8 rhythm.
    • In for 2, in for 4, hold for 6 and exhale for 8.
  2. I ask myself, what’s important Now.

The famous American Football coach Lou Holtz got his players to ask themselves this question every day. What’s Important Now. Everyone’s answer will be different but asking this question forces you to concentrate on the present.

What can I control now, what can I influence now and what can’t I control.

Breathing is the thing that you can control the most.

Focus on your breathing and you will begin to feel your anxiety fade.

You know your content. You know your delivery. You know it all. You got this!

Shane Mallory

Shane is a performer, emcee, host, communicator, creative, mentor and innovative theatre director. He lives in Ipswich, Queensland with his wife Natalie, who are almost 'empty nesters' providing a home for their two daughters' dog and two cats.


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