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As a police officer for 26 years, teaching for 22 years, in IT web development for 20 years, a business owner for 10 years, a change leader for almost 30 years as well as a passionate actor and theatre director, Shane knows what it takes to foster great culture within individuals and organisations.

Shane will share with you his solution to creating collaborative and convivial cultures. You will learn the steps you need to take and hear some great stories along the way from his many and varied careers. Whether it is in business, your personal life or wherever you may find yourself,  Shane will tell you why culture must be your value proposition and how you can realise it in yourself or your organisation. 


Make it your Value Proposition


Devalue them at your peril.


Is all not as it seems.


Is. A. Strength.

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When the culture is right... remarkable things happen

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A process for fostering great culture

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