Early blocking.

I am a creative individual. Skilled in many areas both within the creative sphere and undertaking roles that constantly required adaptive and creative thinking, my entire career whilst employed within government (and as a sole trader and entrepreneur), has involved the utilisation of my creative skills.

This blog is all about my performance art and the things that matter to me. It is also a reflection that I hope others can gain solace from and one that instils the ideas and concepts that I bring to the table in respect of creativity and its effect on our business and personal lives.

As a highly skilled communicator specifically in respect of negotiation, mediation and workshop facilitation. I provide highly entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking presentations which have captivated my audiences at local and national events. For 26 years I worked as an experienced police officer, qualified police prosecutor, investigator, and lecturer in matters relating to criminal law. I am also a qualified teacher in adult and secondary education and have also a consulted to AFL Queensland on matters of Tactical Communication.

I am actively involved in the Ipswich community as a member of the Ipswich Little Theatre Society (ILT) where I have undertaken lead roles in many productions as well as directing several successful shows for the Society. I am a dramaturge for the society. I mentor other actors and performers and deliver workshops on vocal and acting techniques. I am also actively involved in theatre production specifically, lighting, sound, front of house, marketing and promotion.

My blog is a personal reflection on my life right now, particularly from a theatrical and creative perspective.

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