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Memorable Keynotes

I have a strong record of achieving results – and have been speaking for many years. Why not read some things my clients have said.

30+ Years of Knowledge and Personal Experience

As a police officer for 26 years, teaching for 22 years, in IT web development for 20 years, a business owner for 10 years, a change leader for almost 30 years as well as a passionate actor and theatre director, I know what it takes to lead.


If your audience is nodding off to sleep within the first 5 minutes something must be wrong with your speaker. I do have knowledge to impart but above all, I’m entertaining and engaging. I bring to the stage boundless energy, enthusiasm, and large servings of funny and relatable stories and humour to keep your crowd engaged while they learn. Through story and relatable content, I will really make sure that your audience learns while having a fantastic time.

I will be there as long as you need

Because I’m also an MC, I see a lot of speakers that turn up half an hour before their ‘call time’ and do a runner after their session. I want to deliver much more value than that and is always keen to over-deliver. Not only will I get to your venue early so I can get a grasp and feel for what is happening throughout the day, but I’m also more than happy to step in if someone else’s travel plans are delayed. I will also hang around afterwards to meet your delegates and answer any questions they might have.

I’m Flexible and Easy to Work With

For me, ‘ego is a dirty word’. I will not get in your way or try to tell you how to run your conference and will definitely not throw any tantrums. I’m happy to indicate where my knowledge and skills would work best for you and your delegates and I’m more than happy to individually fashion something to work with your needs.

The Complete package – Speaker, MC and Presenter/Performer

Booking me really makes use of your conference dollar. I can open your conference as a keynote speaker and then become the MC for the rest of the program. I can also close off the final day with a final keynote address that sums everything that has come before along with my own personal touches. Having this flexibility with the one person can free up your budget and add consistency and polish to your conference or event that your delegates will be talking about (for all the right reasons) long after it is finished.