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Learn the secrets to making your presentations powerful, compelling and memorable.

When you step out onto a stage or in front of a camera, you not only need to be heard, you need to be remembered, for the right reasons. You want your words to be that ear-worm that people can’t get out of their head once you’ve finished speaking. And I’m not talking about a chicken dance type ear-worm. I’m talking about the ear-worm that makes people see, think, act or feel differently after they’ve heard you speak. I will show you how to get your message across in a confident, compelling and most importantly, memorable way. This course shows you how to send your message and make sure it gets delivered.

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Shane Mallory

Shane is a performer, emcee, host, communicator, creative, mentor and innovative theatre director. He lives in Ipswich, Queensland with his wife Natalie, who are almost 'empty nesters' providing a home for their two daughters' dog and two cats.