Look, I really not supposed to tell you this, but getting your speaking pace right will turn you into a great speaker

Do you remember growing up as a kid and going on those long road trips to some faraway destination?

The roads were long and straight and long and… well you get the picture.

Those journeys were monotonous because they really didn’t have any variety. Apart from maybe a game of eye spy here and there, it was just hours upon hours of being a passenger.

Mum and Dad probably wanted to get there as soon as they could for their first beer or wine but what the journey lacked was ‘pace’.


When we have regular stops travel on some straight roads and then some windy roads the whole trip is more enjoyable because it keeps changing.

You have to do the same thing when you’re speaking. Make sure you take the time to emphasise a point or increase your urgency when you want to excite your audience. Don’t get stuck on that straight road to speaking nowhere.

Change it up.

Don’t just speed up and slow down. Vary your pace. Your message will have more impact. Your stories will have ‘light and shade’ and your audience will love you for it.

Shane Mallory

Shane is a performer, emcee, host, communicator, creative, mentor and innovative theatre director. He lives in Ipswich, Queensland with his wife Natalie, who are almost 'empty nesters' providing a home for their two daughters' dog and two cats.


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