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With years of experience on stage, Shane is a consummate performer. An expert communicator, he will keep your events on schedule, all whilst keeping audiences smiling and entertained.

Master of Ceremonies

Shane is a true chameleon and tailors his work as an MC to exactly what you require. Shane is able to support your corporate, charity, community event, or your social or sporting club function, large or small.

Corporate Performer

As a corporate performer, Shane provides his audiences with carefully crafted entertainment and comedy. A perfect mix of levity and a message where required will allow your audiences to relax, unwind and really enjoy your event.

Creativity Keynote Presentation

Employees these days are under constant pressure to produce, and not create, and yet the greatest asset CEOs value in their staff is creativity. Something is wrong with this picture that requires a new way of thinking. A creative way of thinking.

What Shane's clients say

Ipswich Library

Ipswich Library

City Council

Shane was very pleasant, looked the part and remained in character during the event. He was professional to deal with, prompt and read the Lawson poem very well.

Tivoli Social Enterprises

Tivoli Social Enterprises

Shane was MC at the Christmas in Ipswich event hosted by the Tivoli Social Enterprises Ltd. The crowd feedback has been fantastic, Shane was great to work with, the afternoon was a lot of fun.

Ipswich Hospice Care Inc.

Ipswich Hospice Care Inc.

Shane was our MC for the inaugural Ipswich Hospice Jacaranda Dinner, he was professional, entertaining and engaging. We would highly recommend Shane for any charity event or service you might need him for.

Shane's on 'Drive' @ West Bremer Radio


Shane is a creative individual. Skilled in many areas within the creative and performing arts spheres, undertaking roles that constantly required adaptive and creative thinking, his entire career has involved the utilisation of his creative skills.


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